Highest Bids

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If you’ve come straight here by following a link in an e-mail, you can see details of all the lots (including photos in most cases) here.

Bidding was by e-mail only, and closed at midnight on Saturday, 11th March.

Below is a table showing the highest bid received for each lot.  One or two bids did not reach the reserve, and in those cases the organisers will now revert to the donors to see if they’re happy to reduce their reserves.  Reserve bid levels will not be disclosed.

Winning bidders will be notified by e-mail.  Several bidders wish to remain anonymous, and that will be respected.

Lot Current High Bid
1 Alpine Flat £500
2 Dinner for 8 £240
3a 1/2 day Handyman £40
3b 1/2 day Handyman £55
3c 1/2 day Handyman £50
3d 1/2 day Handyman £50
4 4-ball Golf Round £60
5 Armchair Dogs £15
6 Race Centre £45
7a Firvale Clinic £80
7b Firvale Clinic £110
8 Golden Gecko £5
9 Indian Dinner £30
10 Signed Football Shirt £25
11 Holmes Southampton 1/2 day £100
12 Saints Football Shirt  £40

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