(Updated: November 2017)

Just three years ago, Chilworth Hall was in a bit of a state.  Time had really caught up with the building, which had multiple problems from top (leaking roof) to bottom (subsidence).

The management committee realised that the time had come for a special effort if the village was to continue to have a Hall at all.  The necessary work was planned in phases, the first of which cost just over £100,000 and included a new floor in the small hall, new acoustic doors, up-to-date PA and projection equipment and new stage lighting as well as the less visible, but necessary, structural improvements and redecoration.

Pleased as everyone was with the result, the poor condition of the other half of the building was then brought into sharper focus.  A great deal of structural work had still to be done, including replacement of the flat roofing, and an extension to give much needed additional storage space.  This was the second phase, and once again the results were satisfying.

At long last the end of the refurbishment is in sight.  The third and final phase of major works is being done piecemeal, with no need for any temporary closures.  It should all be complete by the end of March 2018.  Already the external lighting has been replaced, at the same time as the soffits, facias and guttering.  At the time of writing, work is soon to start on completely refurbishing all the toilets and redecorating the lobby area.  The committee room is going to be redecorated and fitted out so as to make it attractive for companies to use for off-site meetings.

Externally, the car park will be slightly extended (courtesy of an arrangement with the Parish Council which has been very supportive throughout).  This will obviate some of the problems caused by two many modern sized cars in a compact car park, the markings of which will be revised appropriately.

Once all that is done, the committee is determined to see a maintenance programme put in place, so that a new downward spiral does not commence.

Some may remember that there were plans for a new entrance, to allow a ‘green room’ for the stage.  Sadly, the available funds did not stretch that far.  Once this current refurbishment is complete, perhaps in two or three years some new blood on the committee may be ready for another challenge.

Chilworth Village Hall is a registered Charity No 301782

It is run by the Management Committee which consists of trustees and other members who are all volunteers. The maintenance and running of the hall depends entirely on the money received from bookings for the hiring of the hall and its facilities.


What can you do to help?

The Hall needs community support.  A thriving community needs a thriving Village Hall. This is your Hall and it needs you to use and support it.

Sponsorship, Fundraising, Donations

Do you own, manage, run or work in a local business which might be prepared to sponsor us?  Many businesses do have funds set aside for community projects such as this and might be glad to help. There may be tax advantages as well as kudos and some advertising.

The S J Academy of Dance recently put on a wonderful show and donated all their receipts to the Hall.

Several residents have already made personal donations as a measure of their support and more would be very welcome. All donations received will be acknowledged both on the website and in some more permanent form.

To find out how to donate, with Gift Aid, please go to this page.

For more information, or if you have a question or suggestion, please contact the Hall’s fundraising team, Gill Holebrook, Joan Pryde or Brian Luff.  An e-mail to will reach them.

Please note that Chilworth Hall does not do street or door-to-door cash collections.


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