As explained elsewhere, the Hall’s management committee is redoubling its efforts to raise the funds required in order to complete a second  phase of renovation.  This time around, the support of local donors will be crucial.  The personal donations of the following people are recognised, with gratitude.

  • Cllr A Finlay, Chilworth Ring
  • Mr & Mrs Owen, Chilworth Ring
  • Dr & Mrs Garfield, Hadrian Way
  • Mr & Mrs Anderson, Hadrian Way
  • Mrs Brown, Chilworth Drove
  • Mr & Mrs Pryde, Manor Road
  • Mr & Mrs McKay, Green Lane
  • Mr Read, Woodside
  • Mr & Mrs Patel, Hadrian Way
  • Drs Ghaleb, Copse Lane
  • Dr & Mrs Sharma, Roman Drive
  • Mr & Mrs Afshar, Birch Road
  • Mr & Mrs Le Bas, Julian Close
  • Ms Shafiqan Poswall, Heatherlands Road
  • Mr & Mrs Poswall, Chilworth Road
  • Mrs Nisar, Hadrian Way
  • Mr & Mrs Virk, Heatherlands Road
  • Dr & Mrs Binning
  • Mrs F Afshar, Pinelands Road
  • Mrs Sandip Bhakta, Bassett

The Hall’s committee members are equally grateful to those, of whom there are several, who have donated anonymously.

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