Traffic Control Proposals

A consultation is now in progress on traffic control proposals relating to the Hut Wood lay-by on the Winchester Road. Roads affected include Birch, Hutwood, Heatherlands and Pinelands Roads. If you missed the proposals being on display in the Chilworth Community Centre (by St Denys church) from 6-8pm on Monday, 23rd November, read on.It’s still possible to review the proposals via Test Valley Borough Council’s website. Chilworth residents should follow this link and then look first at Map 3 and the Map Text file

The consultation runs until 10th December. Chilworth residents may be forgiven for wondering why, to solve a problem with insufficient parking space at Hampshire Corporate Park, the authorities should see fit to put onerous parking restrictions on residential roads quite so far away.  While parking restrictions on the dangerous chicanes on Heatherlands may be justifiable in their own right, single yellow line restrictions as far down as Hadrian Way could be excessive.

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