Do you ever shop online?

If the answer is yes, then the next question is: Have you heard of AmazonSmile? This is a recent initiative from Amazon that enables you to raise money for your chosen charity every time you buy something.  It’s nothing to do with discounts or surcharges.  It’s just that Amazon chooses to return some of its gargantuan profits in a way that we can exploit, or not, as we choose. Continue reading

Online Auction Live!

gavelThe Chilworth Hall Online Auction is now live, and the first bids have been received.  Just click here to see the current highest bids.  Bidding is by e-mail and will close at midnight on 8th February. Winning bids will be announced at Chilworth Moviola the next evening, Sunday 9th, and on this website. Bidders may choose to remain anonymous.  Minimum (reserve) bids will not be published.  For information on all the lots please go to this page.

Online Auction

gavelA number of generous benefactors have donated lots for the Hall Committee to auction to raise funds towards the final phase of the refurbishment project.  The Star Lot is a week in an Alpine holiday home.  Bidding will be by e-mail, and will open after the next Moviola showing on Sunday, 15th January.  Bidding will close at midnight on 8th February, and winning bids will be announced at Chilworth Moviola the next evening, Sunday 9th. For more information please go to this page, which will show the leading bids throughout the bidding period.

GoRaise for Chilworth Hall

goraiseThis can make a difference, and it costs no more than a moment of your time.  Please just read the following, and act today.

If you shop online, GoRaise offers a new way of raising money for causes you support, and it won’t cost you a penny. Go to this page and register to support Chilworth Hall. Then search for the retailer from which you wish to buy, and click out to it.  Then just shop normally.  Behind the scenes, the retailer will donate a percentage of the value of your purchase to the Hall.  It doesn’t affect the cost of your purchase in any way. Continue reading