Southampton Sports Centre – again…

Chilworth is part of the borough of Test Valley but many residents, particularly at the Bassett end of the village, find Southampton Sports Centre a valuable amenity for themselves and their children. There has been a lot of controversy in recent years about the boating lake, much of it reported on this site. On Wednesday this week its future is to be debated by the City Council and, after reading what Penny Hastings of “Love The Sports Centre” has to say, you may feel moved to at least make your views known. Continue reading

Chilworth Conservation Area

chilworth conservationBuxey Wood, the ecology meadow and the Arboretum are all significant features of the Chilworth Manor Estate but they had been badly neglected until a few years ago. A small group of local residents and volunteers from the University has been working to conserve and restore the area, under the auspices of a charity, Chilworth Conservation Ltd.  Chilworth Conservation has a new online donation facility.  You can find out more about the important work of this charity at its website, but if you’re already aware and would like to make a donation then you may do so here.