Faster Broadband

superfast broadbandFrom conversations with quite a number of people over the holidays, it’s clear that many still haven’t got the message that superfast broadband is at last here, although it’s necessary to take some action if the benefits are to be realised.  This piece in Hampshire Now is worth a read.  The problem has always been the distance we are from the Bassett exchange.  “Fibre To The Cabinet” effectively puts the exchange right here in Chilworth.  Even though speed still drops off with distance from the cabinet, it should be possible to get massive speed increases over what was available before.

Better Broadband

fibreBetter news on the broadband front, at least for those connected to BT’s cabinet 7 at the top of Bassett Heath Avenue. Most locals will be aware that Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC) has been implemented. It’s now possible to get faster broadband from a range of suppliers. However, even if you stick with BT you’ll still be faced with choices. Before making  your pick, this very informative website will explain in simple terms just what you need to know. Continue reading

Broadband at Chilworth Hall

In over 50 years, Chilworth Hall has never had a telephone line.  There is still no telephone at the Hall, but the management committee is pleased to announce that – after a prolonged and convoluted bout with BT – there is now a Wi-Fi broadband facility in place.  There is no charge for internet access.  Anyone wishing to access the internet at the Hall should simply scan for a connection, connect and at the appropriate juncture accept the terms and conditions.  Any problems, please simply send an e-mail.

Superfast Broadband?

hampshire superfast broadbandResidents who have registered with the Hampshire Superfast Broadband project have just received an informative update.  Read on to see full details, and to find out how to register your own interest in faster broadband.  It would be interesting to hear what individual homes are experiencing – please let everyone know by leaving a comment saying what road you live in and what speed you’re currently getting.  According to the map at the project website, a large part of Chilworth (Heatherlands/Pinelands/Hadrian Way) is being provided for commercially by BT or Virgin Media. The rest is part of “Hampshire Wave 1: to end 2015”. Continue reading

Have Your Say! (Broadband Survey)

survey iconThe news that the oft-promised upgrading of Chilworth’s broadband connectivity has been unilaterally postponed for another year by BT has caused an upsurge of frustration among local folk.  Our Test Valley Borough Councillor, Alison Finlay, has long campaigned for a better service.  To help her prepare a formal protest to Hampshire County Council and BT, please complete a very short survey by clicking here.

(Before doing so, it would be a good idea to test your broadband speed by using the free speed checker here.)

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