Faster Broadband?

If we want faster broadband in Chilworth, we need to start campaigning now! Faster broadband speeds for Hampshire have come a step closer now that State aid approval has been announced for the county’s broadband programme.

Hampshire is one of eight counties currently out to tender using the Broadband Delivery UK Framework.

£5M of government funding will be matched by Hampshire County Council with district council partners for use in “intervention areas” where there are too few potential customers to cover the costs of the upgrade to the network infrastructure. It is estimated that 115,000 residential and business premises in Hampshire will benefit from this public sector funding.

Chilworth is clearly a potential beneficiary of such intervention but if we’re to get it we’re going to have to SHOUT!  NOW!  Here’s what to do… it’s simple.  Just sign up to the Hampshire County Council broadband campaign.  When the council appoints a contractor next year, that contractor will go and spend the money in the areas where the populace have taken the trouble to register their interest.  It’s hard to believe that anyone in Chilworth wants to remain on the end of a copper string from the Bassett exchange, but that’s what will happen if we don’t all do this one simple thing.  It’s easy, and it doesn’t commit you in any way. Why not do it right now?

If you’d like to debate this issue, why not do so on the Chilworth Forum?

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