Southampton Car Park Closure

It’s unlikely that many Chilworth residents will park in Southampton’s Grosvenor Square multi-storey late into the evening, but those that do should be aware of this announcement by the City Council. We neither vote for Southampton councillors, nor pay Southampton council taxes but if we did, we would surely have more to say about it.

Grosvenor Square MSCP will now be closed overnight (midnight to 5.30am) on a daily basis. These overnight closures will commence from Monday 3 July 2017.

We are trialling an overnight closure of the parking facility in response to feedback from car park users that rough sleepers are regularly using the car park to sleep overnight. Despite being offered a range of alternative accommodation, rough sleepers have continued to use this facility and as consequence we have received numerous complaints of intimidating behaviour, littering and drug related paraphernalia.

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