Professional Errand Runners

Here at Errand Box, our mission is to undertake for our customers, whatever type of legitimate errands they desire. We exist to exceed our customers’ expectations and save them time by taking care of the mundane tasks for them.

We take pride for the facilitation and completion of our clients’ errands on time, as instructed and efficiently.

We promise 100% customer satisfaction with our services. In the unlikely event that dissatisfaction is caused as a result of our non-adherence to specified instructions, the full errand cost is immediately refunded.

Drawing on our many years of experience working with the elderly in nursing and care homes, we have south to provide a service that will allow our clients to live a more independent life as they can now delegate the essential independence enhancing tasks that they would not have been to do due to disability, frailty or illness.

Although we are able to fulfil almost any task or errand, Errandbox cannot help with Personal Care, Lifting & Medication Administration or Treatment.

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