Parish Council

Our Parish Council forms the first tier of local government for the people of Chilworth.  While there are around 8,500 such councils in England, they are by no means ubiquitous and their powers vary according to their location and their historical context.  They cover approximately 35% of the country’s population.

On this page you will find listed the Chilworth Parish Council meetings planned for the coming year. They normally take place at the Village Hall on the first Thursday of the month.

Via the main menu you may also view:

. a listing of the current Parish Councillors, with their contact details
. a summary of our Parish Council’s legal powers and duties.

Parish Council Meeting Dates 2022 (all meetings at 6.30pm)

13  January
3  February
3  March
7  April
5  May (and  Annual Parish Assembly)
9  June
7  July
4 August
1  September
6  October
3  November
1  December

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