Tennis Club Rules & Regs

1. Correct tennis shoes must be worn on court at all times (white bottomed trainers or plimsolls).

2. Please book the court by using the Bookings Sheet on the Notice Board of the Chilworth Community Centre. Bookings are for up to one hour per booking.

3. You may book the court twice in one week per person, subject to availability.

4. A key to the court will be provided on payment of membership.

5. Please let the net down after use.

6. The court is not to be used for any other ball games or other activities.

7. Membership last for one year. Please make cheques payable to:- ‘Chilworth Community Centre’ and send to Gwen Hugo, Broad Reaches, Chilworth Old Village.

8. Visitors may play with a paid up member of the club for a small fee of £3. Please put these additional fees in the envelopes provided by the Community Centre Notice Board and post them to Broad Reaches, in the village, stating the date, the name of the member and the number of persons playing.

9. No private coaching is allowed on the court without written permission from the Community Centre Committee. Please apply to the committee c/o Gwen Hugo, Broad Reaches, Chilworth Old Village

10. Mix-ins (Every Monday from 6.30pm): All members are invited. Just turn up and play. Doubles only — depending on numbers. If there are more than four people, players are selected by ‘spinning out’ their racquets, the odd one out sits out the game.

i) Play only one set at a time and then ‘mix-in’ so that everyone gets a game.

ii) Those that have been waiting get first refusal, the rest ‘spin out’ to make up the four.

iii) If there are a number of people waiting to play, then only play the best of three games

iv) Non-members are not allowed to play at mix-ins

Note: Members are advised not to play when the court is wet. Those who choose to play do so at their own risk.

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