Planning Matters

Planning applications are apt to be contentious, one way or another. It can only be helpful if public information is more readily accessible.

On this page we will list significant planning applications relating to surrounding areas, if they may affect Chilworth residents (who may otherwise remain unaware of them until it is too late).

For convenience we will also list significant pending planning applications that are made within Chilworth (i.e. those for new builds or rebuilds, or changes of use).  Please note that the completeness, accuracy or timeliness of any such list is not to be relied upon, and no liability or criticism will be accepted in relation to any omissions.  The list will not include minor works, or tree works.  If you wish to monitor local planning applications yourself, it is simply necessary to find the relevant section on Test Valley Borough Council’s website.

Note also that some of the links below, for reasons known only to Test Valley Borough Council, will require you to register and login. Sadly, this does not render you immune to fairly frequent server problems: the system does not seem very reliable.

Applications of Significant Interest (outside the ward)

Land West of Valley Park (Great Covert)  – a proposal for 300 homes opposite the bottom of Misslebrook Lane

Applications for new builds, rebuilds or changes of use within Chilworth (see note above)

Orchard & Woodside

Land Adjacent Tarabanka Hutwood Road

Hazelwood Birch Road

Land Adjacent To Bracken Hall Bracken Place

Indalo Chilworth Road

Croakers Hatch Manor Road

Woodlands Green Lane

The Spinney Chilworth Road




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