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business network smallWelcome to the web pages of the Chilworth Business Network (CBN), which offers business networking in a “community” atmosphere.  The CBN aims to enable the forging of alliances, the identification of synergies and genuine business benefits to participants.  To that end, regular meetings will be held that are purposeful and focussed on the interests of members.

The CBN is a loose association, and membership is free.  It is open to businesses and business people from Chilworth and the surrounding areas.  It is naturally open to business people based on Chilworth Science Park. There may be minor charges to cover the costs of external speakers at some meetings, but that hasn’t happened yet.

Themed meetings are normally held approximately quarterly, at the Best Western Chilworth Manor.  Dates and times vary but are usually announced well in advance.  Normally they are scheduled for the early evening, with time allowed for networking in the bar before and after.

Please sign up so that we can keep you informed of future events. All you need do is to click below and enter your name and e-mail address.  Your e-mail address will not be passed to anyone, nor will it be used for any other purpose.

Having done that, you may wish to see details of our next meeting.



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