New Yoga course starts 11th July

On Thursday, 11th July (17:45-18:45), Chi Yoga, run by Dr Jackie Cheng, is starting another course at Chilworth Hall. For more information, and to book, go to or e-mail Read more about the course in Jackie’s own words:

Explore YOUR yoga course 

Part 1 – Love Your Body 

Join me for an exploration of YOUR yoga

This 8-week course focuses on loving your body.  

From the very tips of your toes the foundation of your being, to the very crown of your head the space of your intelligence intuition and creativity.

We will be focusing on different parts of the body each week taking time to give each area some well earned and much needed tender loving care. 

Our bodies do such a great job of driving our mind around every day. But often we forget that like any vehicle it needs a regular service and tune up to keep things in tip top condition. 

This course is a perfect way to take some time out to do just this. 

Suitable for all levels of experience and Ideal for every “body” regardless of body type, age, gender, level of fitness or flexibility as yoga is not about “touching your toes!” It’s about keeping your body strong and supple and your mind calm and balanced.

Remember ALL our bodies are amazing let’s show them some love!”

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