muckbusterScience Park company SEaB Energy Ltd’s award-winning Muckbuster is now available on a trial basis for use by Chilworth residents. The installation on the Park will take a half-ton of organic waste every day, and anaerobically digest it. In so doing it produces up to 6kW of electricity and a continuous supply of liquid fertilizer and garden mulch.Chilworth Manor and the Chilworth Arms are already proving their green credentials by using this facility, and now you may join in too. SEaB will provide you with a lockable caddy (about the size of a large pedal bin) which you may take to the drop-off point between 0700-0930, and collect again emptied and cleaned at 1700 (weekdays only).

muckbuster3What will the Muckbuster digest? All food scraps, tea bags, coffee grounds, vegetable oils and fats, drinks, stale/mouldy food, sauces, soups and gravies. There is a fairly obvious “no thank you” list, which includes the following items which must not be included: paper/paper towels, nappies, cleaning products or anything inorganic.

If you have too much food waste for your compost heap, or you don’t have a compost heap at all, then please give the Muckbuster a try. In so doing you’ll be helping to reduce the use of fossil fuels (the Muckbuster is already powering the large greenhouses on the Science Park, and feeding power into one of the office buildings). You can take advantage of this great British success story virtually on your doorstep.

For more details of Muckbuster, download the brochure here. If you have questions, either put them in a comment on this post, or call 023 8011 1909.

[Muckbuster is a registered trade-mark of SEaB Energy Ltd]

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2 thoughts on “Muckbuster!

  1. There’s also a £10 deposit per caddy, refundable if/when you leave the scheme. Apologies for not making that clear.

  2. In answer to a couple of questions, SEaB says that the best way for local residents to start into the scheme is to simply call the number given in the main post.

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