Lunchtime Yoga

Starting from lunchtime on Wednesday, 13th November there’s a new Yoga class at Chilworth Hall. Run by Charlotte Rankin and aimed mainly at providing a welcome and healthy break for office staff, you can find out more by e-mailing Charlotte.Here’s what Charlotte had to say: “I truly believe that by living yoga on and off the mat I have developed a sense of inner serenity, authentic confidence and acceptance of who I really am! I decided to teach yoga because I want to share the mental, physical and spiritual benefits with as many people as possible. In an age where over-consumption, stress, depression and obesity are becoming the norm, yoga can play a huge part in reversing some of these serious first world problems. Rant over!

I like to teach mindful, strong and empowering Vinyassa yoga for ALL (any age, size, bendiness etc.). Importantly, I like to teach it for the mental benefits with the unquestionable physical benefits being a fabulous second. I like to have fun, play and not take life too seriously – this shines through in my classes and I hope I can help you become the best version of yourself.”

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