Local Infrastructure – Consultation

Our county councillor, Cllr Nick Adams-King, has just published his Aug/Sept Newsletter which you can find here. It contains news of a consultation about the infrastructure needed to support cycling and walking across southern Test Valley (in this context ‘Southern Test Valley’ comprises the southern seven parishes of the TVBC area, Romsey Extra, Romsey Town, Baddesley, Ampfield, Valley Park, Chilworth and Nursling & Rownhams). Our parish council is very keen that as many people in Chilworth respond to it.
Quoting Cllr Adams-King: “The purpose is to identify what improvements are needed to encourage more cycling and walking across the area, most particularly where it will offer an alternative to car use. The consultation page is brilliant, allowing you to pinpoint locations, explain what improvement is needed or what challenges there might be. The consultation runs until 31st October, you can access it here.”

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