Nearby Events – Sept 2020

This monthly digest of upcoming events in our region was in abeyance for a while – for obvious reasons – but things are starting to happen again (including a lot more online events of interest).  If you know of any others that you think are worth including, please send details to the Editor.

[NB All information is passed on in good faith, but for live events it would be wise to check with the contacts given before travelling to any of these events.]

Tuesday 1st September – Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE)
An outline to future-proofing cities with ten immediate steps, online. This lecture builds on the ICE Reed and Mallik Medal winning paper which identifies ten key areas where governments, planners, investors and the individuals responsible for shaping cities, can urgently refocus their priorities and funding in order to more effectively utilise both the limited financial and natural resources available. Entering a period of massive disruption, a paradigm shift is urgently required in the means of conceiving, delivering and managing city development. 18:00 – 20:00 (UK time).

Wednesday 2nd September – Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET)
Active and Passive Devices 2020 Webinar
We are surrounded by advanced RF and Microwave technology, from the mobile phone in your pocket to the microwave oven in your kitchen, the parking assistance radar in your car and low-cost satellite communications. While these devices are very much taken for granted, they are all the result of intense and ongoing scientific research. The topics covered in this seminar represent a slice of the latest breakthroughs and developments in RF and Microwave technologies. This is an excellent opportunity to find out what your peers in industry and academy will develop next, and to gain useful insights for your research and learning. Free to attend – register for this webinar! Time: 02:00 PM British Summer Time, duration: 2 hours. Use this link to register

Saturday 5th September – Lee-on-Solent
Hovercraft Rides and Museum Opening
Hovercraft Museum is open every Saturday 10 am until 4 pm. Come and browse around our exclusive collection of over 60 Hovercraft including James Bond, Scrap Heap Challenge, military, racing, commercial, home builds, models and archives. The Hovercraft Museum is proud of its partnership with Hovertravel who are for a select number of days this year, offering pleasure trips, excursions, and tours on their Hovercraft to our visitors leaving from The Hovercraft Museum. Hovercraft Museum Daedalus Site Seafront Gate, Marine Parade W, Lee-on-the-Solent PO13 9NS.

Sunday 6th September – Old Warden
Clayton & Shuttleworth Airshow
A very vintage affair featuring an array of our stylish aircraft and showcasing our working heritage Clayton & Shuttleworth exhibits, the root of the Shuttleworth family’s history. Today’s pilot chat will be on the 1909 Bleriot, the oldest aircraft in the world still flying, and one that Richard Shuttleworth flew and restored himself. Our industrial heritage team will be giving working demonstrations of our Clayton & Shuttleworth exhibits including Dorothy the steam engine, and recently restored elevator. Book online.

Sunday 6th September – Popham
Popham Spitfire Flying Club
Auster fly-in. Popham is renowned as one of the best recreational airfields in the South of England. The friendly atmosphere is commented on by many visitors and the opportunity to get close to aviation is hard to find in modern times. Popham Airfield, Coxford Down, Winchester, SO21 3BD. Contact Tel: 01256 397733. Email:

Monday 7th September – Café Scientifique Winchester
Online Talk
“Modelling medicine and calculating cancer: using mathematics to describe disease” – Dr Joshua Bull. This talk will highlight how mathematics can be used to help understand modern medical problems, particularly in the fields of cancer research and immunology. We will consider how differential equations can be used to simulate tumour growth and treatment, examine how ideas from fields as diverse as topology and spatial statistics can be used to help target novel immunotherapies, and ask whether in the future mathematics could be at the heart of how doctors treat disease. 7:30pm. We will open the Zoom meeting from 7pm to give people ample time to get connected and settled in. Please arrive by 7.25pm. Book your place on Eventbrite.

Tuesday 15th September – Sarum College, Salisbury
Institute of Physics (IOP) Lecture
We are made of Star Stuff. Speaker: Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell, University of Oxford. In this talk Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell, the eminent astronomer, will describe how the elements, especially those in our bodies, were created, some during the Big Bang and others much later in exploding stars. She will also describe the collisions that took place before the atoms eventually reached Earth and made possible the life of the planet. This event is free to attend and there is no need to register. 19:30 to 21:00. Sarum College, Salisbury.

Thursday 17th September – Highcliffe
Café Scientific Talk
“Digital and technological advances in primary medical care” by Dr Rav Ramtohal. Free engineering, science and technology based talks. Normal start time is 18:00 – but due to Covid-19 recent lectures have delivered virtually on ZOOM. Highcliffe Castle, Rothesay Dr, Highcliffe BH23 4LE. For more information: Follow us on Facebook: cafe scientifique Highcliffe. Email:, or phone 01425 275959

Sunday 27th September – Popham
Popham Spitfire Flying Club Solent Aviation Society fly-in.
The object of a fly-in is to give pilots an excuse to go somewhere to meet other like-minded people, it is also to give non-flyers the chance to meet the aviators and perhaps get interested in light aviation themselves. Popham Airfield, Coxford Down, Winchester, SO21 3BD. Contact Tel: 01256 397733. Email:

Wednesday 30th September – Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET)
Battery Storage in the Covid-19 recovery to net zero. Paul Cole from powerQuad will present an overview of battery storage and how this technology is vital for a decarbonised electricity supply in the post covid-19 world. Paul will give a summary of the need to decarbonise, and how energy storage systems and hardware have improved measurably. In addition the implementation of decentralised and digitised grid flexibility has seen software tools such as AI & blockchain dominating and driving the change. 19:30-20:30, with questions until 21:00. Information and registration at


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