Nearby Events – Dec 2020

This monthly digest of upcoming events in our region was in abeyance for a while – for obvious reasons – but things are starting to happen again (including a lot more online events of interest).  If you know of any others that you think are worth including, please send details to the Editor.

Wednesday 2nd December – Institution of Engineering & Technology Webinar
5G and EMF Exposure. The popularity and ubiquity of mobile communications has resulted in continuous network expansion and upgrades to support an ever-growing list of use cases. Given that mobile communication systems operate on radiofrequency waves, EMF exposure is increasingly becoming a concern, particularly with 5G which promises to revolutionise mobile communications.
This talk will present an overview of mobile communication systems, exposure metrics, international guidelines & limits, and techniques of minimising EMF exposure in 5G and beyond communication systems. 12:00 PM Greenwich Mean Time. 1 hour. Free to attend – register for this webinar!

Monday 7th December – Café Scientifique Winchester Online Talk
Fuzzy Blobs: what nebulae teach us about the Universe” – Steve Tonkin. For millennia people have wondered about the fuzzy patches in the night sky, which became called “nebulae” – clouds – and the advent of the telescope merely increased the number we could see without adding to our knowledge of what they are. The true nature of these enigmatic “fuzzy blobs” has only been known for a century or so, and they reveal a tremendous amount of information about the life and death of stars, the structure of our galaxy, the Milky Way, and the nature of the Universe itself. Steve Tonkin FRAS has been an amateur astronomer since childhood. He has taught astronomy to adults and children for more than 40 years and has authored many articles and several books on practical aspects of astronomy. He writes equipment reviews and a monthly Binocular Tour for BBC Sky at Night magazine. Steve is the Dark Skies Advisor to the Cranborne Chase AONB International Dark Sky Reserve. If you book but are unable to attend, please use the link in the confirmation email to cancel your ticket. Otherwise you might deprive someone who can join on the day. We will open the Zoom meeting shortly after 7pm to give people ample time to get connected, settled in and chat. Please arrive by 7.25pm.

Tuesday 8th December – Royal Aeronautical Society (RAES) Solent Lecture
Ionic propulsion by Jason Knight Senior Lecturer in Fluid Mechanics School of Mechanical and Design Engineering. All aircraft engines work by pushing something backwards so that the aircraft moves forward. Usually this is air, whether cold air driven by electric propellers or hot air fired out by jet engines. Ionic propulsion instead sends out charged particles or ions. The ions interact with the air, creating an ionic wind that is sent backwards, propelling the aircraft forward. Making further advances in materials and power electronics, and optimising the airframe, could enable the aircraft to fly faster and for longer. These aircraft engine have no moving parts, produce no harmful exhaust and make no noise. With further advances in materials and power conversion, silent crewed aircraft and eventually commercial flights could also be on the distant horizon. Online 18:15 for 18:30 Start.

Tuesday 8th December – Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) Webinar
Annual family friendly Christmas themed lecture from the Institute of Mechanical Engineers and The University of Exeter. 2020 Xmas Lecture – Space – Solar Orbiter, exploring our nearest star Dr. Christine Blockley-Blatt, FIMechE. Project Manager of the Solar Wind Analyser instrument on Solar Orbiter. Our fun and interactive family lecture will outline the science behind Solar Orbiter, describe more of the mission and the spacecraft, present the Solar Wind Analyser (SWA) and describe the engineering behind building a space science instrument. Our guest speaker will engage with her virtual audience utilising experiments to demonstrate her findings and is very much looking forward to sharing the Solar Wind Analyser journey with you. Live Stream opens 18:50 for Lecture start at 19:00 Lecture concludes at 20:00. Book on Eventbrite

Wednesday 9th December – Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport Webinar
Supporting young people during the COVID crisis and beyond: What more can businesses do? The COVID crisis has inflicted serious damage on our economy. The outlook for jobs has rarely been more uncertain as we grapple with the challenges the crisis has created, both for the short and long term. For young people aspiring to build a career and anxious about the future, these circumstances can be daunting. As a result, it has never been more important for businesses to do whatever they can to offer young people the support and opportunities they need to achieve their ambitions. PD Ports is leading the UK port sector to urge greater action to back young people – asking what more can businesses do? 10-11:00. Event Code:COR0401.

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