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Chilworth is a village in Hampshire, on an edge of the Test Valley adjoining Southampton. “Old Chilworth” appeared in the Domesday book as Celeworda, and is aligned with the old Roman road and the 12th century parish church of St Denys (rebuilt in 1812, but with its original bells).  The far larger “Modern Chilworth” lies mainly along the A27, with another part separated from the rest by the M27.

Despite the intrusion of these roads, Chilworth remains a pleasant, leafy village. Being as close as it is to Southampton its rural idyll was never likely to survive, and today’s inhabitants do enjoy excellent travel connections.  Access to the M27 and M3 is simple, and the village is within five minutes drive of Southampton Airport Parkway station which puts the capital little more than an hour away.  Adjacent to the station is Southampton Airport, one of the UK’s most successful regional airports.

If you live in Chilworth, or would like to, this site aims to provide you with a wealth of local information.  It will carry information on the Hall, the Green and other organisations and businesses in and around the village.

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