Hall renovation – Part II

mending the roofThe second phase of the Hall’s renovation is currently under way.

Dukes Building Services are replacing all of the flat roofing. This is long overdue, as was plain from the number of leaks that occurred throughout last winter.  The re-roofing will not be a simple matter of rolling out new felt.  Rather, a more modern, insulated solution is being fitted and it comes with a twenty-year guarantee.

Just as importantly, all of the soffits, fascias and guttering on the building are being replaced, with any deterioration of the underlying timbers being made good.  The work will also provide for resiting of the building entrance and committee room, but these items may have to be left to a subsequent phase.

Also under construction in this phase is a much-needed extension to the store room, doubling it in size.  It will now incorporate a cleaners’ utility room so that cleaning materials and equipment for hirers to use no longer have to be left out in the corridor.

Currently there is a container in the car park to temporarily house some of the contents of the existing store room.  Several more car park spaces have had to be given over to the builders’ compound for the duration.  The Hall’s management apologises to all users for any inconvenience or disruption, but the hope is that everyone will think it worth it in the end.scaffolding 280716

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