GoRaise for Chilworth Hall

goraiseThis can make a difference, and it costs no more than a moment of your time.  Please just read the following, and act today.

If you shop online, GoRaise offers a new way of raising money for causes you support, and it won’t cost you a penny. Go to this page and register to support Chilworth Hall. Then search for the retailer from which you wish to buy, and click out to it.  Then just shop normally.  Behind the scenes, the retailer will donate a percentage of the value of your purchase to the Hall.  It doesn’t affect the cost of your purchase in any way.

You may choose to support another good cause rather than the Hall, but the Hall committee hopes you don’t, at least until the current refurbishment is complete.  Please take care though, not to support the village hall of Chilworth near Guildford, Surrey.  “Our” Hall is listed as Chilworth Hall, Hampshire (charity number 301782).

It’s recommended to install the GoRaise browser extension.  Then, even if you forget and go directly to a retailer’s website you’ll still be reminded to trigger a donation.  The list of participating retailers is huge, continually growing, and already includes John Lewis, Argos, M&S, Currys, Boots, eBay, Majestic and hundreds of others.  It’s not just retailers; you can also buy insurance, hire cars, reserve travel tickets and so on.

GoRaise started in Newcastle in 2015 and £300K of its initial funding came from the North East Business Accelerator Fund.  It is on the Ignite Accelerator Programme.  You may read more here.

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