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The following was received from Hampshire County Council late on Friday afternoon. It is a general synopsis for the county. Locally, we’re told that the roadside grit bins will be checked and replenished on Monday…“We now have an improving situation in most areas. The main snow-front has cleared through and the weather forecasters are saying it should stay largely dry overnight. Ice is now likely to be the biggest risk factor – a yellow warning has recently been issued for the Ringwood area. Many areas still have a covering of snow, up to 10cm in places, but all main routes are passable. All major network problems have now been dealt with or are being dealt with by the Area Office snowdesks. There is still a major problem on the A3 Trunk Road at Hindhead – which the Highways Agency and the Police are dealing with.

The P1 routes will continue to be treated this evening with a double run starting at 6:30pm which will put down a lot more salt to help prevent ice formation overnight, as the temperatures will fall below zero. Tomorrow morning we plan to treat the secondary network with a run on the P2 routes at 07: 30am tomorrow morning and this will be followed by a further treatment of the P1 routes which will take us through to the end of the day tomorrow. We will also focus on trying to ensure that town centres are cleared and pick up any residual other issues from today. District resources (where available) and Amey hand gangs have all been mobilised for the weekend.

Saturday evening/Sunday morning actions have been provisionally agreed and these will be firmed up following tomorrows lunchtime weather forecast. At this stage there are likely to be further P1 runs and hopefully a second P2 on Sunday. Community routes will be organised for Sunday and also for early Monday morning, again we will firm these up as the updated forecasts are received. This will hopefully ensure that Monday morning will see a return to more normal travel patterns, but we will monitor the weather forecast carefully over the weekend, and take appropriate action. We also hope to replenish grit bins from Monday onwards – resources have been fully committed on keeping the priority routes open today and will focus on town centres and the secondary route network tomorrow. We will have spread around 2,000 tonnes of salt in 36 hrs by midnight tonight, and run the P1 routes continuously during that period. There were some problems this morning, but by and large we have managed to hold the main roads open despite what the weather has thrown at us. And we still have plenty of salt left, as we had replenished supplies in the last couple of weeks.”


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