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The footpaths in Chilworth, around and through the Common, are a valued local amenity. A longstanding local resident, Roy Martin, is trying to get the paths some official recognition and protection, but he needs our support if he’s to succeed. Many readers will know the problem. Whenever Forestry England turn up to harvest pine trees, the result looks like the aftermath of the Battle of the Somme. Their website makes it look that they deliver bucolic bliss, but the truth – at least over the last twenty-odd years to your Editor’s knowledge – is far different. The massive machines leave ruts six feet deep that could easily drown a child when filled with rainwater. The unwanted branches are piled and strewn everywhere, blocking the paths and whole areas not only to people but also wildlife. Worse, there are pools of hydraulic fluid and antifreeze left, along with their empty, discarded containers.  This summer several paths were marked ‘out of bounds’ with red & white tape and ‘Danger of Death’ signs, apparently in preparation for more works this autumn.

Roy has found that Forestry England don’t recognise the paths. They say there’s no right of way. The advice he’s been given by Hampshire County Council is that an application needs to be made for a Definitive Map Modification Order, which needs to be supported by at least twenty residents. Roy has taken the lead on this but he needs as many people as possible to download and complete this form, and mark up this map. (Roy has only marked the paths he currently uses – we should all feel free to mark any and all that we use in addition to those.)

Roy has already completed the lengthy application form, so if you send your forms and maps to him he’ll combine them with the application and get them submitted. You can either send them to Brook House on Roman Road, or scan and e-mail them to him.

If you value the freedom to walk through our local woodland, please support Roy’s public-spirited endeavour by marking up all the paths with which you’re familiar (including the one down to the Golf Course, and the one past the kennels to the Drove and the Science Park). If you have questions or suggestions just e-mail Roy, who’ll be happy to hear from you.  The self-imposed deadline for getting the application submitted is the end of September, so please act now.

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7 thoughts on “Footpaths in Chilworth

  1. Hi Roy,
    I am so glad you are taking this on board and will be happy to support it.
    I would like to see all the paths in the Lords Wood and Chilworth Common protected.
    On 14th February 2019 I was leading a group of Ramblers through Lords Wood, on the gravel path that runs between Chilworth Drove and Lordswood Lane past Castle Hill when I was stopped by a group of Rangers in 3 vehicles, and told we were not allowed to walk these paths as they were private property and had to keep to the green designated footpaths.
    I have walked these paths continuously for the past 40 years.

  2. A great initiative, thanks Roy and Editor.
    I’ve just completed and sent Roy the paperwork.
    I regularly use footpaths in Lordswood well beyond the map provided, and would be happy to annotate those too – I suggested this to Roy

  3. I am very happy to support this too. We are lucky to have such lovely woodland so close by and we need to keep and maintain every single footpath that we can.

  4. I totally agree that we should preserve our footpaths and would be happy to support Roy Martin’s campaign. My wife regularly walks on Roman Road towards Chilworth and has noticed the ruts and lots of fly tipping which is disgraceful and something should be done about it.

    • I’ve passed your comment along to Roy too Virginia. A few people are starting to look more closely at this and if there’s enough support perhaps we’ll get a campaign going.

  5. This is a very worthwhile cause, Roy, in preserving the paths and the heritage of Chilworth. Thank you for taking it on. I believe Richard Strother has also done some work on this.

    I wonder if you might be willing/able to widen the area of the attached map to include areas around the whole of Botley Road (A27) Chilworth Old Village, Manor Farm – I have a feeling there might be an old footpath across the land there but don’t know for certain – and the Chilworth Golf Centre.

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