Fly tipping – Parish Council request

Statement issued by the Parish Council:

“The Parish Council has noticed an increase in the dumping of rubbish within the main settlement of Chilworth and on each occasion we have attempted to arrange its quick removal by Test Valley Borough Council or the relevant landowner.

The Borough Council has in the past made use of covert filming to assist with prosecutions and there is nothing to say that this will not continue. Regardless, one type of dumping often seen is that of the remains of tree surgery which are dumped by less scrupulous tree surgeons or landscape gardeners.  This of course means that either the disposal costs that they charge their clients are going into their own pockets at the expense of the community and local authority, or they gain an unfair advantage over firms that do things properly. 

The Parish Council politely asks that residents check that the contractors they engage provide an assurance that as part of their work they ensure that the resultant waste from their work is correctly disposed of.”

The most practical way of doing this is to use a reputable, established company rather than someone who calls door-to-door. There are several well-known firms who have been operating in Chilworth for many years. You may wish to add your recommendations as a comment on this post (click Leave a Reply below) and they’ll be listed on the website for all to see.

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