It’s that time of year again (or should that read “it’s one of those times of year again”?) Times when for night after night, the peace is shattered by loud bangs at any and all hours, and many pets are reduced to trembling bags of nerves.  A lady by the name of Julie Doorne set up a petition to get the laws on the sale and use of fireworks updated.  To date, her petition has collected over 660,000 signatures, well on the way to the next target of one million.

Not content with just promoting the petition, she’s been very active in using its obvious popularity to press politicians and public bodies to get something done about this problem. If you haven’t already, please follow the above link, and add your signature. As a result of Julie’s pressure an official parliamentary petition has been set up. It currently has over 53,000 signatures and when it reaches 100,000 it will trigger a parliamentary debate. If you agree that action is needed, please sign that one too. And ask your friends to do likewise.

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2 thoughts on “Fireworks!

  1. Totally agree. fireworks are anti social certainly at any time past 11 pm any night. Don’t anyone tell me they’re short of a few bob for the gas meter or shopping if money can be thrown away like that!!!

  2. PS The House of Commons debate on the petition mentioned above is now set to take place on Monday, 2nd November at 4.30pm.

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