Dogs on the Science Park

stray labStaff on the Science Park have been reminded to keep their dogs on leads if they bring them to work.

“There have been a number of comments made (to the management office) recently about dogs on the Science Park.  It may be hard for many dog owners to understand, but some people can feel genuinely threatened by and even scared of your lovable four-legged friend.  We are aware of incidents of dogs running freely both within buildings and around car parks that have caused distress to other workers.  We are resistant to any notion of banning dogs from the Park, but if you must bring your dog(s) to work with you, please can we ask you to ensure that it is kept on a lead and under control at all times.”

Some Chilworth residents exercise their dogs on the Science Park and, although this is not strictly permitted, the Park’s management team takes a laissez-faire attitude.  Long may this continue, but residents should be aware that there is some sensitivity and that it would be wise to be particularly considerate.  There has been no apparent problem with dog fouling, but it’s clear that dogs running free can be an issue.  We residents would be wise to be squeaky clean when it comes to responsible dog ownership if we wish to maintain the status quo.

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