Contentious Planning Application

On Tuesday, 19th November, TVBC’s southern planning committee meets to reconsider the planning application made by the owner of Silver Ley, Hadrian Way.  The purchaser of this perfectly good property intends to demolish it and depart, leaving behind a block of eight flats.  If you think that the planning authorities would not countenance such a thing, then read on.  If you are against such a development the time to speak out is now…Around 70 objections were made to the planning application, citing a variety of reasons, in addition to the main one which is that it flies in the face of a very clear principle embodied in the local plan.  Astonishingly, the planning officer assigned to the case was happy to allow it but the number of objections meant that it was bound to go to committee.

At the first hearing, in October, a technicality was raised just before it came to a vote, so that the planning application had to be revised and resubmitted.  The matter will be discussed again at a meeting open to the public on Tuesday, 19th November at 5.30pm in the Crosfield Hall, Romsey.  Opportunities to speak are extremely limited, which is a shame for local democracy, but there is no doubt that the very presence of a large number of objectors will weigh on the deliberations of the committee members.

This proposed development is the thin end of a wedge that could see Chilworth transformed in the same way as Chilbolton Avenue in Winchester.  If you feel strongly about this then the time to do something is now.  Please come along to Tuesday’s meeting and swell the ranks of the objectors.

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