Chilworth Conservation Area


The Chilworth Conservation Area protects 27 acres of the Chilworth Estate as a conservation resource. This Site of Importance for Nature Conservation contains a wide range of flora and fauna habitats under the auspices of the charity Chilworth Conservation Ltd.

Much of the maintenance work is done by volunteers. Chilworth residents, including those who may not have volunteered before, are warmly invited to come along on Sunday, 11th August, which is one of the site’s occasional volunteer days.

There will be suitable tasks for all abilities and inclinations: lighter tasks will include litter picking or stamping down bracken while those looking for more exercise may wish to help with digging ditches or shifting timber.

To join in at the start, meet by the main gate into the Conservation Area (by the huge cedar tree to the front of the hotel) at 10:30am.  If you can spare some time later on, up to about 3:00pm, then just come along when you’re ready.

If you have a spade, hand saw or loppers please bring them with you – Chilworth Conservation has very little of its own equipment.  (HAND TOOLS ONLY please.)

Bringing your usual gardening gloves would probably be a good idea.

To find out more contact the Chilworth Conservation Area Manager, Sarah Kiss, either through the Facebook page or by calling 07800 57 55 52.chillcons-3237


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