Better than Streetlife?

Today, Streetlife announced it had merged with Nextdoor. Several Chilworth residents use Streetlife, but there’s a problem. To try for a ‘critical mass’ Streetlife lumps us in with people from miles away, so many of the topics aired have no relevance.  Nextdoor, on the other hand looks to be much better thought out.  “Nextdoor Chilworth” is currently being piloted, and only needs a few more members to become permanent.  Because it allows geographic fine tuning, it should be a real asset for communication within the village.  Take a look, and sign up here.  There’s also a new service on this, the Chilworth website, that you may like to try although it may prove shortlived if Nextdoor lives up to its early promise.

The new service on this site is called ‘Free For All‘ – a new page to which anyone may post items of interest to people in and around Chilworth. You may use it to make an announcement or comment, ask for advice, pose a question or offer something for sale.

There’s no need to register but, sadly, it will have to be moderated because today’s internet has too many trolls and miscreants.  It doesn’t necessarily mean that what you post will be edited, but it will allow for inappropriate material to be screened out.

Why not take a look, and give it a try.


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