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fibreBetter news on the broadband front, at least for those connected to BT’s cabinet 7 at the top of Bassett Heath Avenue. Most locals will be aware that Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC) has been implemented. It’s now possible to get faster broadband from a range of suppliers. However, even if you stick with BT you’ll still be faced with choices. Before making  your pick, this very informative website will explain in simple terms just what you need to know. One thing is certain – you have to do something in order to take advantage of the latest development. If you continue to use the technology you were using when you were connected with copper all the way to the exchange then the arrival of FTTC will do absolutely nothing for you just by being there. If you have questions, or observations that you may think could be helpful to others faced with the same choices as you, then please consider using the comment facility associated with this post.

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2 thoughts on “Better Broadband

  1. As of Christmas Eve (big risk), yours truly has been enjoying the benefits of BT Infinity in the form of a reliable 20+Mb/s down and 5Mb/s up. At last!

  2. To start the comments ball rolling, here’s some additional information. If you’re more than a certain distance from the cabinet, there’s no point in paying BT for Infinity 2. As you’re still connected to the cabinet with copper, your speed will drop the further away you are. If you’re too far away ever to get more than 38 Mb/s, then the cheaper Infinity 1 is for you. It’s hard to know exactly what speed capability your property may have, but the best guide is to put your phone number into this webpage: and take note of the Range B estimate as, hopefully, your worst case.

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