Alison Finlay

It’s extremely sad to have to report the passing of one of our village’s best-known and well-loved characters. For some years now Alison Finlay has been the Test Valley Borough Councillor for Chilworth and it’s hard to imagine that anywhere has ever had a more active, conscientious and diligent councillor. She also spent many years in a parallel role as a parish councillor, chairing the PC for some time when the previous incumbent became too sick to carry on.

Alison always went above and beyond the accepted duties of a councillor, using her influence and position to pursue not only the interests of the village as a whole but also, via her famous mailing list, to become the focal point of an informal support network in the village. In that way she acted for many years as a force for social good. She was always very supportive of the Village Hall and was a founder and leading light of the Bridge Club and the Gardening Club. This very website was her idea, back in 2012.

It’s a cliche to say that someone will be sorely missed, but in Alison’s case it’s a truism.

Only last month Alison lost her husband, Norman, after over fifty years of marriage. That loss must have been a factor in her otherwise unexpected and untimely passing.

Sincere condolences to her two daughters who have lost both parents in the space of little more than a month. May it be some comfort to them and other members of the wider family to know that Alison will be hugely missed by so many others.

We have all lost a leader and a friend.

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2 thoughts on “Alison Finlay

  1. I have only just discovered that my friend and colleague from the days at the AA has died! We have always kept in touch via email & we used to meet up for lunch whenever she wasn’t busy with Council work. Now I know why she hasn’t been responding; I thought it may have been the enormous task of sorting her husband’s business out. Of course Covid has played a big part in not meeting up. I am so saddened to discover that it wasn’t long after Norman passed away, that she too died. Very shocked & sad.
    Pam Cullum.

  2. Very sad to hear news about Alison
    She was a lovely lady and always helpful
    I’m sure she will be greatly missed

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